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TSIGE SELASSIE Co Founder - The idea of Tishi natural juices came about from her childhood days growing up in Antigua and Barbuda. She continued to apply the natural juices to her own family fresh juice or smoothie before school. This was an inexpensive and easy way for Tsige to get her kids the nutrients they needed to start their day off right. In 2020 the beginning of Covid she saw an opportunity to share her healthy drinks with the community. The response was amazing which gave way to Tishi Natural Juices.
With her small savings, she was able to open up a brick and mortar where she sells a variety of different Caribbean juices and smoothies that are 100% natural and most importantly, affordable.

ADRIAN TAYLOR – Co Founder - Adrian has a history and passion in health, fitness and overall wellness. He grew up in the Caribbean where he developed his love for natural and fresh ingredients. His early exposure to blends of various fruits or fruits and vegetables with their abundance of vitamins and minerals provided complementary supplementation to food and exercise programs. More Americans are making the shift from junk foods to healthier alternatives to supplement their diet, juices, and smoothies are rising in popularity. This segment is increasingly demanding organic and natural ingredients and minimally processed products.


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